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The electric bill. The gas bill. Old, inefficient, and costly appliances.  Rising utility expenses can burden a family so heavily that the only option available is to do without.

CAC is dedicated to energy efficiency and conservation through education, home weatherization, gas appliance safety testing, and helping low-income families pay their utility bills.

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Success Story: Warming Her Heart, and Her Home

Her furnace’s wiring was crumbling, it had to be lit manually, and it wasn’t even secured to the wall – it was a tragic accident waiting to happen. Her refrigerator was on its last legs and her microwave barely worked at all.

Arlene Galloway’s husband used to take care of fixing the appliances but when he recently died, she even had a difficult time paying for his funeral expenses. At 77 years old, she had nowhere to turn.

Then her daughter discovered CAC’s Energy Services Program and Arlene’s life changed dramatically. After a free house inspection, she received a new furnace, kitchen appliances, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, low-flow showerheads, energy efficient light bulbs, and weather stripping. Now she sleeps in a warm bedroom and is no longer frightened that her furnace will destroy her home.

To contact us
Email (Energyinfo@cacsb.com)
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